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Design thinking is a systematic, iterative, and creative process for solving problems by analyzing, synthesizing and evaluating information to generate ideas and solutions. Instructional Design (ID) applies the principles of design thinking to solve everyday learning problems and create effective, engaging learning experiences. This is done by analyzing learning and business needs, the learning environment and learner audience, then synthesizing design plans and developing instructional packages, and finally evaluating results and the achievement of learning objectives. Instructional Design is both an art and a science, balancing creativity and structure in a systemic and systematic approach to designing instructional programs.

As an Instructional Designer, I have worked with various content authoring tools and learning technologies such as Articulate Rise/ Storyline, Brightspace/ D2L, H5P, Camtasia and Adobe Creaticve Cloud, to design and develop E-learning courses. Articulate Rise is my preferred web-based authoring tool as it allows for easy, rapid development of courses, which makes it it suitable for the creation of information-heavy E-learning products. Articulate Storyline offers a more creative, free-form environment, where you need to make design decisions, and is better for simulations, interactions and story-driven, scenario-based E-learning.

Below are two sample courses in Rise, one course in Storyline and one in Adobe Premier. 


ARTICULATE RISE COURSE: Maxeon Solar Technologies - About Our Company


This course is intended to provide an overview of the Maxeon Solar Technologies organization around the world and the benefits that Maxeon SunPower's industry-leading technology provides to its partners and end customers.

In a Meeting

ARTICULATE RISE COURSE: Online Group Language Workshops


This course is intended for newly hired language instructors at a global provider of corporate language training solutions, to teach them how to conduct virtual group language workshops for corporate and government employees. Upon completion of this onboarding ‘train the trainer’ course, new language instructors will have demonstrated the ability to conduct an online group language workshop for professionals efficiently and effectively.

Business Meeting

ARTICULATE STORYLINE COURSE: Aligning Language Lessons to Industry


This course is intended for English language instructors at global provider of corporate language training solutions, to teach them how to align language lessons to their learners’ industries and professions. The course aims to bridge a knowledge gap where language instructors have little or no prior industry knowledge about their adult learners’ fields of work. Teaching specific work-related English leads to better language acquisition by learners, faster application at work and better work performance. Please note that the course has been converted to mp4 format for this website but is also available as an Articulate Storyline Zip file upon request.

Street Food

ADOPE PREMIER VIDEO PROJECT: Savour The Journey - Chef Gus

This informational course, developed for a university group project, is intended for students of culinary and hospitality institutions, to give them a behind-the-scenes look at a typical day in the life of a head chef. Upon completion of this course, the learners will be able to gain a realistic understanding of a head chef’s daily tasks and key activities needed to run an industrial kitchen in the food catering industry. At the end of each section, some of the chef’s best tips and tricks for food prep, cooking and storage will be provided. Please note that the course has been converted to mp4 format for this website but is also available as an Adobe Premier Zip file upon request.

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